Grow your practice through our unique co-ownership model.
Join a community of veterinarians dedicated to excellence.
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Gain hands-on experience from doctors that set the standards of what veterinary medicine should be.

What Partnership
Means to Us

VPP offers a true partnership model. Our doctor partners are not selling their practice. They co-own it with VPP, retaining clinical autonomy and brand identity while gaining operational support to achieve sustainable, high-performance growth and secure their long-term legacy.

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I am so glad that I chose to partner with VPP. With the support from VPP, my practices are achieving the goals I had worked toward but that eluded me. We are practicing our best medicine & care, we are communicating as a team, we are growing the clinics and seeing more pets.
For years, my goal was to open a third hospital. I just could not do it with all the other demands for my time. Now within my first year of partnership, together we have acquired the practice I had dreamed of. Currently, we are renovating so that it can open in a few months. The VPP team are 100% rockstars! Every one of them is committed to helping my clinics and team grow and succeed.

- Dr. R. Reed Stevens, Ellicott Street Animal Hospital, West Side Pet Clinic, and North Buffalo Animal Hospital (now open)
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In one swift move, I secured my future (retirement) , my present (my income) and my dreams: to partner with people whom I trust while enjoying working with every day, so we can flourish together. Just please don’t tell them that I got the best part of the bargain: to practice the absolute best medicine I can and let them do the rest.

- Dr. Ohad Barnea, Tenafly Veterinary Center and Overpeck Creek Animal Hospital
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I partnered with VPP because I love seeing patients, and want to focus as much of my professional time on patient care while having a partner to support the rest of the business needs.

- Dr. Stephanie Liff, Pure Paws Veterinary Care
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After graduating, I wanted strong mentorship and a broad professional network. I was looking for a company that supported career growth and let me progress at my own speed. I joined VPP because they seemed to offer the best opportunities for these goals. In just two years, VPP has kept their promise. They’ve provided great workshops for clinical skills and leadership, connected me with colleagues from all over the country, and given me the chance to start a new practice. As a new owner, I feel valued for my ideas and am an important part of the VPP team. I’m excited about my future with VPP and what lies ahead.

- Dr. Peter Rowan, New Hope Veterinary Hospital
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If you’re considering practice ownership, I would highly recommend partnering with VPP. Veterinary medicine has changed dramatically in the past 10-15 years, and trying to create a privately-owned practice or buying a privately-owned practice is more difficult now. With their innovative model of partnership, VPP allows veterinarians like me to have a vested interest in the practice, while keeping veterinary medicine in the hands of veterinarians. Partnering with a corporation such as VPP allows us veterinarians to focus on the medicine, without worrying about the stressful aspects of business ownership – such as finances, marketing, payroll and other operational aspects. Being part of a corporation also allows staff members to have quality benefits that might be harder to offer as a private practice.

- Dr. Michelle Rudd, Annapolis Cat Hospital
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Practice ownership alone can seem daunting, with all the factors that go into being a full-time practitioner as well as a small business owner. Partnering with VPP provided us with the crucial financial and management support necessary for the success of our practice. Our partnership with VPP is truly the best of both worlds: empowering veterinarian ownership and control while simultaneously delivering the extensive back-end support associated with a larger management team.

- Dr. David and Rachel Jeffrey, co-owners of El Paseo Animal Hospital
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The alignment in values was a big part of the reason I chose VPP as a partner. VPP’s commitment to keeping veterinarians in ownership roles and supporting practice growth is in perfect harmony with our long-held goals at Caring Hands Animal Hospital. VPP not only strengthened the Caring Hands Hospitals, but also allowed me and my colleagues to make the partnership transition as smooth as possible, while elevating 21 associate doctors to equity partners.

- Dr. Karen Murphy, co-owner of the Caring Hands Bristow, Merrifield, and Rockville hospitals
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I joined the VPP community because they gave me the support and foundation I needed to practice the veterinary medicine the way I wanted. They have consistently encouraged my love for exotic and unique critters and have prioritized the importance of a healthy, happy work culture. I look forward to continuing to work with VPP on growing my practice.

- Dr. Adrienne Breaux, DVM, Dublin Veterinary Hospital


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Professional Growth

We invest in our partners and associates through development opportunities that go beyond the lecture-based experience. Through our immersive, community-focused continuing education programs, veterinary practitioners gain the practical expertise they need to thrive in our ever-changing profession.

Student Opportunities

Shaping the future of veterinary medicine is the heart of our focus at VPP, and we strive to do that by developing and celebrating the next generation of clinical professionals. Our flexible externship program provides students with practical, off-campus educational experiences beyond the walls of the classroom and into the walls of the hospital.

We also provide guest lectures. If you’re interested in hearing from one of our doctors, let us know! We’d be happy to connect with you.

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