The VPP Difference

At VPP, we believe that our partners’ success is driven by veterinarian leadership and autonomy. Through our co-ownership model, we put the existing culture, hospital team, and brand front and center while providing administrative support to drive growth, performance metrics, and economy of scale.
We partner with motivated, high-performing veterinary practices. From there, we manage everything in the background, ensuring continued success and giving practice partners the freedom to focus on providing the best care possible.


Keeping veterinary medicine in the hands of veterinary professionals, sparking joy in the human-animal bond, and finding fulfillment in one another’s success.


Setting the standard for what veterinary medicine should be. Preserving the heart in what we do.


We care.

We serve.

We collaborate.

We do what we say.

We do the right thing.

Our Culture

VPP is committed to preserving the individual culture of each practice partner. At the same time, our dedication to support, innovation, and excellence permeates our entire network, benefiting team members at every level, in every region.


Our leadership team brings experience and best practices from across industries, recognizing the value of individual cultures within the broader VPP family of hospitals. It’s with this understanding that we drive toward true practice integration.


We don’t assimilate our partners under one brand; rather, we help hospitals build upon their legacy, tradition, and reputation they’ve worked so hard to secure.

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Our Hospitals

Established in 2011, VPP today has partner hospitals located in 27 states. Over the past two years, our practices have achieved higher visit growth rates than the veterinary industry average. This success speaks to VPP’s deep roots within communities, strong local leadership, and the ability to provide national resources and support to ensure continued high-quality patient care.

Professional Growth

We invest in our partners and associates through development opportunities that go beyond the lecture-based experience. Through our immersive, community-focused continuing education programs, veterinary practitioners gain the practical expertise they need to thrive in our ever-changing profession.

Student Opportunities

Shaping the future of veterinary medicine is the heart of our focus at VPP, and we strive to do that by developing and celebrating the next generation of clinical professionals. Our flexible externship program provides students with practical, off-campus educational experiences beyond the walls of the classroom and into the walls of the hospital.

We also provide guest lectures. If you’re interested in hearing from one of our doctors, let us know! We’d be happy to connect with you.