VPP Academy in Las Vegas in November Was A Success!

We would like to thank and celebrate all our doctors and colleagues who attended the fall semester of VPP Academy, November 6-10, held at the Viticus Center in Las Vegas, Nevada.

The 5-day program started with two days of experiential learning from the unique Frank Clinical Communication module from Colorado State University.

Dr. Mark Epstein (from the TotalBond Group and a WVC Speaker of the Year) kicked off the third day with a lecture series on pain management, followed by our Chief Veterinary Officer, Dr. Doug Aspros talking about leadership, clinic economics and the promise offered by ownership in the VPP model.

Day 4 brought dental wet labs, helping doctors to hone their skills in instrument handling, dental radiography interpretation and tooth extraction in both canine and feline patients. Day 5 was devoted to a surgical wet lab, with doctors practicing soft tissue procedures from simple to complex, with an amazing team of surgical coaches. Even after a very long week, the doctors worked on their skills right up until the final shuttle bus was boarding.

We even had an adorable special guest join in on the fun, Norfolk Terrier Bunny Aspros – an attendee without portfolio – who may have stolen the show

VPP Academy is geared to recent graduates – the goal is to increase their confidence, reduce friction with clients, increase efficiency through strategic communications and add to the ability to deliver high quality, high-value services. VPP believes in making investments into developing the next generation of clinicians, practice leaders and future partners, and VPP Academy is a major part of this effort.

The VPP Leadership Academy is yet another unique opportunity at VPP. Entry into the program is competitive and is aimed at building the capacity of practice leaders (doctors and practice managers) by leveraging knowledge of the macro-trends in the veterinary industry and developing leadership skills to bring about personal and professional success. The application process for the upcoming VPP Leadership Academy for VPP doctors and practice managers is available here, and is open until 1/1/2023.

If you are a DVM looking for a company that keeps veterinary medicine in the hands of the veterinarians – and is eagerly investing in the next generation of clinical leaders as business owners – look no further. VPP is dedicated to bringing joy back into the conversation around clinical practice. Visit the careers page on our website to review the list of openings throughout the US!